First year of Scrapbooking

I started scrapbooking in 2005. I was 16 years old and scrapbooking materials were not easily purchased in my hometown, Malacca. Most of my earlier works are using materials I already owned at home, and these two are my favourites from my first year of dabbling into this new hobby.

2005 | The cover was an idea from Art Attack


  1. Cut out cardboard in the size of your scrapbook cover.
  2. Brush PVA white glue onto the cardboard to paste a layer of kitchen towel over it (see the dotted texture in image).
  3. Use string and paper mache to create swirls and border design.
  4. Paint and apply more PVA glue all over the whole book for a glossy finish.


  1. Use brown paper as pages. Size of pages would be double the width of your scrapbook size (width of cover x 2) because you would need to fold and stitch the pages to bind them. eg: if your cover is A4, your brown paper would be A3 (double of A4 landscape way)
  2. Using a sewing machine, sew 4-5 pieces of brown paper together. You would have about 7-10 sets of stitched paper in the end, depending on to total of pages your scrapbook will have.
  3. Place something heavy (bricks/ dictionaries) over all the sets of stitched paper for a few hours to get it to sit flat.
  4. Combine all the sets together and glue the sides. Leave it overnight with something heavy on top of it.
  5. Attach the pages to the scrapbook cover. I used a glue gun, and it worked well.

Finishing Touches

  1. Punch a hole on both the cover and back cover where the string will be attached to. Install eyelets and string them with your fav string/ ribbon.

2006 | This crossword puzzle was generated with Eclipse Crossword

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