Letterpress: Development

Letterpress Assignment #2: As founding members of the new ‘Tyne Comp Club’ (existing club), we were asked to research and consider the possibilities offered by our Group’s given theme. We are then to create our individual piece of work combining everything we have learned in our 6-week workshop. My group was given “Tales from the composing room” and I’ve chosen to tell our 16-people club stories from our own experience with letterpress. With 20 copies to create, each little booklet holds 16 cards – quotes from each member of the Tyne Comp Club. I had a lot of fun making all these – from scratch! The many dinosaur hours spent were worth every sec of it 🙂


Preparation includes getting all text in the right font type and size and get them printed in grids for ease the process of setting the type in the letterpress room

Setting the type with the chosen typeface and size

Using a composing stick to set the type on each of them with the grids as reference

Setting all the type from the composing stick to a tray

Paper preparation:

Paper – cut into desired size and dampen it 2 days before printing

Damp cloth to damp the paper: gives a better print result


Setting each quote into a chase

Putting back each one of them into the right drawer took patience!

Making of the cover:


Final work

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