Personalized Books

Last semester, I was introduced to bookbinding and I loved many things about it. Found them to be really nifty gifts and many ways to personalize them! 🙂 Everyone could use a book! Especially one that screams their name 🙂

Growing up, I tried making my own notebooks using alternative methods (staples, stitching, paper clips, and eyelets). This time, with access to the finest & coolest (in my opinion) machines in the design workshop, I was able to learn and work on my very own personal booklets – from scratch with looking more professional, I must say!

Cutting paper in squares, cut and wrap the cover, and had help for screen printing the text on it!! Am thinking of rounded corners, embossing, ribbons, and various materials, inks for future notebooks!

A birthday gift to my mom and sister – 2 important ladies in my life 🙂

Mom writes down notes for everything, keeping track of all family plans! 🙂 Something to appreciate in her never-ending season of motherhood. Sis on the other hand loves food/ baking/cooking and this could be a book for her very own recipes 🙂

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