Unplugged 2009

I’m reposting this entry from my previous blog dated: 05-09-2009

In 2009, I was given the opportunity to help out with the decoration of our church premises for Unplugged 2009, an acoustic event, and the following year Unplugged 2010.

UNPLUGGED was birthed in 2007 as a platform for students to showcase their talents and celebrate post-exam freedom.

Poster design by Acts Church


Behind the scene. We made a board out of foam board and cardboard with real lightbulbs, inspired by Charmain’s 21st birthday party decoration.

Working on the backdrop.

Multiple cardboards and double-sided tape had to be used to secure the whole board. Brass eyelets were used to secure the plastic cap onto the board

The boys helped to fix the whole wiring. and did a mighty great job- it was all our first time working on something like this. It wasn’t hard, it just took an amount of time.

The wordings:

Cut out wordings on thick cardboard and did paper mache on them (to create texture on them)

Trying to speed up the drying process =)

Had to call mom early in the morning to find out how to make kanji =p

Paint and sprinkle glitter on them. I ran out of aerosol spray, so an alternative of hairspray did the trick. (helps make the glitter stick better onto it, making it less messy)

Stamp the edges of the newspaper clipping

Transporting it

Setup for Unplugged

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