Farewell Cards

In my church called NCLC (Newcastle Christian Life Centre), we meet regularly on alternate Wednesdays for Connect Groups and I found friends whom you can treat as family 🙂 People to stand by you and laugh together.

And this is a time where many graduate and it’s time for them to return back to their homeland. We are sad to have to say goodbye but we believe they will continually be such a JOY to many others back home.

We wanted to let them know how much we appreciate them. So, after much thinking, I decided we could make a farewell checklist for each one of them, printed and personalized to them. You may call it postcards or CD covers, or a simply a card or checklist. Together with it, we attached a CD with images since last Sept of all the events/ activities we did together 🙂

Having to say farewell to SEVEN people is hard

Card Dimensions – 6 inches

First farewell to Venessa

Personalizing by telling them why we truly appreciate them.

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