Buffet King: Christmas Posters

It has been a while since my last post. After my internship with The Point, I’ve concentrated in my uni projects with some side freelance work. I’ve not stopped designing 🙂 One side project that I enjoyed doing was for my workplace. While studying, I’m working part-time waitressing in an oriental Buffet called Buffet King. Somewhere in October, the manager approached and asked if I could design a Christmas poster. In between my other works, I proposed 2 designs, and these were later printed and used during the month of December. This humble beginning has opened doors of opportunity to design for Buffet King. I started with designs to be placed in toilets, then to design some tea labels, and recently a Chinese New Year poster that has been used in the restaurant. It is rewarding to be able to use my photography and designing skills as tools to help my workplace, who is like family to me.

POSTER 1: Have yourself a Merry Christmas

Why peppers? In most of the dishes in Buffet King, they are a common sight

POSTER 2: Dine like Kings and Queens

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