Dancing In Silence: Development

This project was developed over a period of 5 weeks.To see what it looks like in the end, check out > The final piece

STEP ONE: It started off with plenty of research and experimentations with various recordings. Once I settled on going with creating a book of the narrative description of an entire silent ballet, I moved on to finding a vehicle to carry my ideas onto paper. After many sketches, one of my favorite was the icon of a mute button- a visual of sound and a symbol for silence.

STEP TWO: Recording // Did multiple recordings of Hannah Astrid Goggin, an amazing ballet dancer in a dance studio in Northumbria University and from her recording, her actions and sounds became the content of the book

STEP THREE: Design Layouts // Once I’ve got the content written, next was testing different layouts and design to incorporate the texts into the inner pages.

FINAL – did more researched on infographics and how they used lines to navigate information

Early stages of designing the 3-movement pages

Drew inspiration from infographics and used a pie chart to display the information

FINAL– Used the contrast of colors to show the hierarchy of information

STEP FOUR: Documentation / /Next was looking into the specifications and details. Noting the typographic detailing, materials used, research and development for every element of the project were very essential.

STEP FIVE: Making // Printed the pages onto A2 paper and the book begins to take shape as the different parts were assembled together

Ran into some major problems when the printers were unable to get the colors to match! Thankfully they managed to get that sorted out in the end

Creasing the pages

Individually hand cut the circles out

Making the accordion spine

Engraved and laser cut the designs onto grey board wrapped in buckrum

Gluing the inner pages to the cover

Making the belly bound

Mockups done in 5 weeks before making the final book

(below) Progress of the book 1. Bottom left 2. Bottom right 3. Top right 4. Top left

Overview of all the mockups

Click > The final piece

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  1. Julian wrote:

    A super super well spent time and effort indeed!!! So much work put into it! =D *beamss*!

    Posted 3.1.12 Reply

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