Expressions Of Love: Part Three

The journey of how the book came together was quite a story. Having not done something like this before, it took a great deal of time figuring how to get all the pages together. All in all, after 2 days, a book was formed and the last step of the making was to get the side ends trimmed with the machine. To my dismay, the book got trimmed off and left the book looking a very odd rectangle book. Most likely from my amateur making. 4 days away from submission and it was the weekend the next day which meant no access to uni- I was left with two options: Hand in an odd looking book or remake another one. I was distraught but knowing it was not going to be my best work if I handed that in, I went on full-drive mode after that. In spite of 10 hours working shift over the weekend, and sacrificial precious sleep, another one was made, much improved from the previous book.  I’ve learned when something goes wrong, it’s a chance to make the 2nd time right.

The few seconds of “OH NOOOOOO” when the machine cut through. Few in the printroom saw how my facial expression changed when it happened, but nevertheless, all that came to my mind was “What can I do to make it still work?”

A remake began- and more ideas were running through my head and in my second attempt I decided to use real mirror pieces instead of the earlier mirror card(3rd picture) for the concept of reflection.

With university closed over the weekend, the living room became my workspace

With much searching, bought 24 pieces of compact mirrors and after work, 2 of my colleagues were helping me to remove the mirrors from their cases

In the midst of all these, we broke 3 pieces

Proceeded to sandpaper off the dried glue behind the mirrors

Trim the boards to the size of each mirror

Frames for each mirror

Using books to keep the pages flush as they are attached together

Spray mounting each page together, then securing it with PVA glue

Covering the book cover with black buckrum

Screenprinting done earlier during the week > Screenprinted with silver foil

Finished book

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