Expressions Of Love: Part Two

Eight days of photoshoots with various individuals with a total number of 68 participants from an age range of 18-65. From that, 24 ( love should be shown 24 hours a day ) images were chosen- a combination of individuals in different phases in life (single, dating, newlyweds, single parents, parents, grandparents ). In my flight to highlight how each personโ€™s expression does matter, all 68 drawings were used as part of the bookโ€™s endpapers. This shows that when small things are put together, they build a bigger picture. Instead of buying a few meters of white fabric, I used a king-size bedsheet for the background, which worked well as I travel around for the photoshoot together with markers, A3 sheets and boards.


Little invitations, printed in b&w to tell people more about what the project was about and something to get them thinking about what their Expression Of Love would be. Next was organizing times and traveling to different locations and conducting the shoots.

Then, they drew them on A3 sheets with marker. The most helpful way was to google images for reference ๐Ÿ™‚

Or using objects as reference

Or scanning over another’s drawing to get inspiration ๐Ÿ˜€

To have photoshoots in very different locations made it extremely tricky in getting the lighting to look similar. The easiest was my photoshoot session in my university’s photography studio. This is to show you the lighting setting from the shoot with my friends from uni. Each stood where the dummy was.

Some behind the scene photo with my church friends after a shoot ๐Ÿ™‚

After shoots were over, came the editing and thought it would be great to use their drawings in my publications as well. Scanned each of their drawings and turned them into vector (through Illustrator) which ended up being really nice endpapers.

Example of one of the scan drawings

When they all come together…

Printed on silver 130gm paper. They made attractive looking endpapers

The actual photos were printed  on Lustre  8X6 photo paper.

Did a variety of tints to see which came out better- sepia won!

Trimming the edges and from here comes the making of the book in Part III

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