Helen: A Birthday Card

Every afternoon, the receptionist in our office building would come upstairs to deliver our mails. She always greets us with a big smile and a joyful “HELLLOOO!”. Her name is Helen.

One evening after work, we found out that it was going to be her birthday. This brought an opportunity to make something, and was glad I did! The next day, we got everyone in the office to write birthday messages in it and while she was at the top floor delivering mails, Jason & I creep downstairs and left the card on her desk. We heard footsteps and hurried out of the door. She was on her way down and we quickly said hi, ran up, and waited… and smiled.

She was surprised and I believe this became a conversation starter. Now, each time I go out for lunch and back, I’ll stop by and have a quick chat with Helen. Surprises and birthdays are precious opportunities to get to know someone a little better! Everyone will love to receive a card and read messages for them 🙂

Inspired from a card on Pinterest, this was made with some colored/patterned paper stock and clear stamps with an aged look using eye shadows 🙂

This stamp color is beautiful! Its more of a dark purple and a great alternative than the usual black.

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