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The meaning of ‘family’ took on a whole different level this year. For the many years since we were all little, my DaPek (oldest uncle) has been the cornerstone of the Pang family. This year he was turning 70 and during this occasion, we had our (almost) entire Pang family together again. Many flew back and traveled from Norway, Finland, US, China Singapore, KL to Malacca for this reunion. A lot of sacrifices were made to make this possible and a special one and I cannot express how much impact this event has left on all of us!

A few months back, my cousin was discussing creating a logo and print collaterals for the family members. That idea slowly grew and we decided we could design some T-Shirts. The process was interesting. We liaise when she was in India, my uncle from the States, my cousin on printing from China, and designing in Malaysia. Through emails and skype, the days got nearer to the tight datelines. Alas, we finally send them off to print in China and got them just in time for the event! This was a family collaboration and we manage to surprise everyone with having a Tee each.

We have lots of creative juice in our family. Hsulynn is one of them! We discussed various ideas and our favorite was to show ‘Reunion’ through a world map. She created these wonderful illustrations/ text which I transferred into a shirt design. The next 2 photos are her work. I would like to introduce my cousin, who happens to be a very talented illustrator and i had fun working with her on this. Check out her work >>

Thought of sharing with you the development process of the shirt design. Here, I combined both of her illustrations and started with something quite simple.

These are the initial designs: 1a- 1 color. Initially wanted to use a pastel color like turquoise but later we went with bolder colors.Initial design 1b- 2 colors. This then led to using white more in the design to bring out the design. Little details to change such as enlarging the PANG and highlighting every single location our cousins/relatives are coming from were the finishing touches.

We went through a lot of variations to choose a font for our family name. This was when I learn something about our chinese character.

彭 is actually made up of 2 words, on the left side is Drum and on the right is 3 strokes of beat. So if you want to have a loud beat choose one that has a longer 3rd stroke. We came down to these 2 which I loved a portion of each. In the end, I combined both of them.

Final font & applied the designs to the 2 colors in Round Collard shirts and Polo Tees: Blue and Red.

So came the day for the reunion, I was excited to see the printed T-Shirts. After all the process, you can imagine the excitement 🙂

The boys. The girls.

Our youngest addition to the family in his own Tee 🙂

This is my family and this was our family project <3

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  1. Peter J wrote:

    Both you and Hsulynn are amazingly talented. I love the design and the way it brings together visually a reflection of what was happening in the reunion. 🙂

    Posted 1.3.13 Reply
    • suyenpang wrote:

      thank you Pete! We are glad we are able to use what we know to bless the family.

      Posted 1.3.13 Reply

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