Ming Yue: Custom Nightwing Shirt

This was one of my favorite projects to work on recently. When we learned that Ming Yue was a fan of Nightwing, it kept us thinking about what we could do to create something special for his 21st birthday gift.

This was what we came up with: A custom Nightwing Shirt and a handmade book, a collection of wishes from his friends and family, near and far. We contacted as many of his friends overseas as we could and got them to send to us a short birthday video. They were then edited and we included the DVD along with the other written wishes in the book.

This is Nightwing, the Robin we know from Batman who did not want to be Batman but became Nightwing instead 😉
And this was the finished product!

I did not take any pictures of the making of the shirt but I thought a recording would tell the process of it better. Do pardon the video quality 🙂

The Making: Custom Nightwing Shirt from suyenpang on Vimeo.

We created lil shirt tags to go along with the theme and included washing instructions.

Once it was done, we bought some brown paper and wrapped it into a parcel not forgetting his birthday and these logos.

The crossword puzzle as the book cover was one of my first choices when it came to making this. It was something that could be filled in/ left unwritten and still be something different. Attached was the DVD of the video we were planning on surprising him with. The words were stamped in and the numbers were die cut.

Inside were about 20 pages of brown recycled paper, sewn across with a sewing machine using this method 🙂

Flip the cd over to remove the DVD and still have a full view of the crossword puzzle ( if he chooses to use them)

And that marks the conclusion to this post! We were glad he loved it and we had fun making this! Till the next time 🙂

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  1. Laura wrote:

    Wow, this is pretty awesome! I’d love to get a Nightwing tee like that too, haha~ And the notes + CD is really sweet. 🙂

    Posted 6.13.13 Reply
    • suyenpang wrote:

      Thanks Laura! Hope you get to have one too!! Making it was fun and it was not too expensive making this (we did this under RM40) just gotta free up a few good hours and get some fabric paint.

      Posted 6.14.13 Reply
  2. Chrisper wrote:

    Can’t I buy this shirt?

    Posted 6.20.13 Reply
  3. Chrisper wrote:

    Sori…Can I have this shirt?

    Posted 6.22.13 Reply
    • suyenpang wrote:

      Hi Chrisper, Sorry for the late reply, but thank you for dropping by your questions about it. Would love to if I could, but the shirt was made and given to Myue. Drop me an email at suyenpang@gmail.com and I can guide you into making one for yourself!:)

      Posted 6.25.13 Reply

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