Twine-d Art

If you do not want/ do not know how to make a book, it’s not the end 🙂 Buy any type of notebook and have a go customizing it! 

Here’s something new that was created recently and I have been waiting to share this with you. I had an opportunity to create a book for a young lady and I had fun putting this together.

As I spend some time thinking about what I could do and what she would like, I remembered a pile of rope twine that was sitting in my craft station. Most of the time while searching for ideas, I love to start by looking at what I already have and start building from that. This round, I thought would be cool to try and make something from these beautiful rope twines and see where it led me too, and this was the result 🙂

As she was going to start college, get her driving license and have all these beginnings, it was going to be a journey for her and this was a message to remind her that at the core of everything that she does and in the busyness, there’s a time to be still; and I used a home to represent a place of rest.

What’s M? It was one of her initials 🙂
Here’s a video of the making 🙂

You can’t quite tell the house in the middle until someone tells you, making it a very subtle hint which works out great too.

Once the ‘M’ was made, I took some colored cardstock and wrapped a beautiful notebook that I found in BIG Aeon 🙂 Then, using some UHU glue, the ‘M’ was attached to the cover.

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