Makeup Brush Drying Rack

I’ve never fussed much about my makeup brushes in the past. I’ll wash my brushes and lay them on a piece of towel to dry overnight. But recently I came across the lovely Benjabelle Brush Tree while surfing on youtube and thought it was a great way to dry the brushes. These quality beauties range from $19.95-$39.95. So, I thought I would try and design one with some familiar materials. If you would like to know how this was constructed, read on 🙂

There were many DIY projects that people have done; in fact, many were done in half the cost, time and they work just as well. Google/ Youtube ‘DIY Brush Rack’ and there are many tutorials out there. But I was still very attracted to the Benjabelle’s Brush Tree and wanted something closer to that. (There’s a pic of it below)

Project inspired by the Benjabelle Brush Tree Materials used: A rack, 2 circle templates, Magnets, Anti-slip mat Tools used: Hot Glue Gun/ Superglue, 1/4″ double-sided tape, Blade, Ruler, Artline250 marker.

(Scroll down for more information about each material used)

1. Circle Template | Art Friend – RM11/pc (member price) The thicker it is, the better. If you have more thinner brushes, you would want to find one that has smaller circles.

2. Foldable Rack | Daiso – RM5

Ideally, get something that has the same base dimension as your circle template. Thankfully, this rack fits the circle template I bought beautifully. Daiso has all kinds of things under one roof, so you can definitely try this place!

It was a great bonus that this was a foldable rack and also a magnetic one. This allows the pieces to be detached and stored away when not in use.

3. VARIERA Drawer Mat | IKEA – RM19.90(roll) Alternative: Any bendable material like a foam sheet/ similar material will work well. You will only need a small piece from this entire roll 🙂

4. 1cm Round Magnet | Art Friend – RM5 (member price) You will only need 4 pieces.

Step 1 Turn the rack upside down; we will be using the bottom as the top.

Step 2 Place one of your circle templates onto your mat (on the smoother side). That’s the exact amount you will only need.

Step 3 Using a marker (I used a black Artline 250 Permanent Marker), trace out each of the circles and also the sides of the circle template.

Step 4 For each circle, you will divide them into 8, like cutting a cake.

Step 5 Now we will remove all the ink marks. I used some makeup remover on a cotton pad and rubbed it over the entire surface.

Step 6 Tape each of the sides and in between with 1/4″ double-sided tape.  You would then tape this to the mat, and tape the other circle template on top of that. You would end up with a sandwich (circle template – rubber- circle template). Make sure you press the sides till they are fastened tightly together. We will now call this the ‘top’

Step 7 Place the ‘top’ on the rack to determine where the magnets should be placed to be fastened. Attach the magnets to the bottom of the ‘top’ with a hot glue gun/superglue and leave it awhile for it to set. Once dry, go ahead and plop it up on the rack. The magnets allow you to remove the top and fold up the rack if you want to store them away.

This rack has 34 holes (2 are way too small to fit any brushes), but they managed to hold up to 40+ brushes- ranging from large handles to thin ones – all these below.

If you notice after hanging all of them on it to dry, it can get rather heavy in the middle. Thus I used a bookend to hoist it up. Other than that, it held each of the brushes very well, it’s easy to use and now all my brushes dry at the same time! *I use brush guards to keep the shape of my brushes while drying. Found a cheaper alternative to buying loose pieces of makeup brush guard covers is to buy a roll of it and cut it into your desired sizes. (I got mine for RM5 and one roll is enough for about 14 brushes) You can get some here.

What’s helpful is that some larger holes can fit a few thin brushes as well.

And that’s my take on making a drying rack for my makeup brushes 🙂

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  1. Ginger88 wrote:

    This is a really great DIY. I really like the Benjabelle’s Brush Tree too but with the shipping costs that will be a real splurge. Other than the rack and circle templates I have most of the items on hand so hopeful will be able to start making my own brush drying rack. Thanks for coming up with it.

    Posted 2.4.15 Reply
    • suyenpang wrote:

      That’s great!! I hope you did 🙂 Send me a link of what you did – would love to see your works.

      Posted 9.17.15 Reply

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