Christmas Presents

This Christmas, I really wanted to bake some sugar cookies but wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. With the possibility of us spending Christmas in the hospital if the baby decides to arrive earlier, baking was out of the question.

But I still wanted to make something simple at my 8-month pregnancy mark. Saw some cute Santa-belt wrapping ideas online and got inspired to make these for Christmas.

Part 1: Popcorn
• MagicTime microwavable popcorn – Jaya Grocer
• Red/white cotton twine – AliExpress
• Glue tape roller – Lazada
• 100pcs Red/gold Felt drawstring bag – Baked With Yen (Kota Damansara branch)

I ordered all of these in the morning online and they delivered it within the same day. They offer free delivery for your first purchase – great when you need to get something but don’t have the time to head out!

Designed on Adobe Illustrator and printed on 230gm matte Art Card

Part 2: Belt
• 1” satin black ribbon
• Gold shimmer A2 cardstock

[Top] First try with black and yellow 70gm paper [Bottom] Second try with black satin ribbon and gold thick cardstock. A felt material instead of the gold cardstock would have worked well too.

Cardstock 4.5cm x 5.5cm with 0.5cm on each side

1 inch wide satin black ribbon

Tape the frayed ends in to get a clean finish when you tape the belt around the bag

We ordered custom shirts and bags for our families with Famsy and wrapped them in a similar way.

It was a lovely, quiet Christmas with our families – a day after coming home from the hospital.

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