Hailey’s 1st week

Hailey Ho was born on December the 22nd, 2018 at 3.35kg. Her first week home has been a day-to-day transition for us. I’ve been catching up on rest while we both learn her feeding times, having a go at changing diapers, and even observing what makes her uncomfortable – being gassy, too hot, too cold and having a full diaper. She takes so much after her dad’s looks and likings and definitely my super sleeping habits. She is a great drinker, loves to be held and sleeps through anything, including vacuuming around her napping spot. She has officially taken over our phone storage. It’s now filled with her photos and videos – to which our families are always looking forward to daily updates of her. It’s amazing how much she is growing and changing from the day she was born. I love mornings when she’s awake – we would be in bed and look at her little toes and expressions. She’s so precious. I pray we can be the parents she needs to us be and to bring her up in a household of love.

These beautiful photos of her were taken by our friends, Shaun and Soph during her first week mark. We have always loved seeing parents dressing their children in costumes. So we were glad that we could now put her in a raccoon onesie that we bought while on our New Zealand honeymoon.

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  1. This is so cute

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