The Venice Project

Module title: Graphic Communication in International & Social Contexts. This project was done over our spring break- to visit a city we have not been to before and to produce a body of work from our response/ approach of the visit. I did mine on Venice and my admiration for the Venetian masks. Everyone did on different cities and they all came out with mind-blowing ideas! It was so inspiring to see each other’s ideas during presentation. It’s seriously jaw-dropping.

Finished product

Ideas developing and drawing inspiration from different cities I visited

It can be broken down into 3 parts:

1. A booklet

2. A cover for the booklet

3. A box for the booklet

1. The Making of the BOOKLET

The booklet shows the things I learnt about the Venetian mask from the conversations I had with the mask makers. The booklet is done with an accordion fold. In it are quotes from the mask makers as well as 8 different Venetian masks images taken in Venice.

My humble work station

3 layers – Sketched image, Colored image, Facts, all glued together 

Tear the eye area which is perforated and unmask to reveal interesting facts about Venetian masks

Accordion fold

Pages inside the booklet

2. The Making of the BOOKLET’S COVER

Made a hardcover to protect the booklet, having Italy’s flag as the cover. The 3-colored flag works well with it being 3 X 1/3, it was possible to have a flap to keep the book close. It’s also a teaser to what you are about to find out as you open it.

My work station spread from the table to the floor

Ripped off the canvas fabric from my extra canvas frame for the flag. Painted with acrylic paint and hair sprayed it. It made it shiny – which I was pleased with.

Colors from the Italy flag

3. The Making of the BOX

Made the box and wrapped it with handmade paper to echo the craftiness of the Venetian mask. Its size and shape follow that of a person’s face, tied with a mask I bought in Venice to keep the box together. Sprayed the mask gold and hairsprayed it. You will have to unmask it to reveal what’s inside.

Cardboard, paper and glue to make a box

Included a postcard I posted from Venice which makes it more personal for myself with the date stamped.

I love Venice!

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