First Trimester (0-12 weeks)

I was not feeling well for 2 days. We suspected food poisoning, because I was throwing up and feeling weak, but it was strange when there was no diarrhoea. By the second day, I wonder, could it be? Ming Han came back home with dinner and a pregnancy test; and it took just seconds for the test to reveal – it’s POSITIVE. It was so quick that I wondered if I was really SO pregnant or that Clearblue Pregnancy Kit was really good. haha. We had a huge moment together of holding each other, tears and all. This surprise news was a sudden realisation that soon there will be a new addition to our lives together. We visited a gynae and he confirmed that we were 5 weeks into having a baby!

The beginning days were tough, and some days felt like it was going to last forever. I experienced morning sickness, whole-day nausea, and vomitting daily till the mid-second trimester. I was exhausted most of the time, and when I did not need to work, I would be sleeping most of the day. I brought plastic bags everywhere I went, and puke as I went along my day. I depended more on Ming Han and he learnt how to take care of me. The symptoms did not get better but going through them each day got better. He woke up earlier, did chores, made sure there were fruits, water and food prepared on the table before he left for work. I would tell him how I felt on a level of 1-10 and it was extremely comforting when husbands explore together with you on what kind of food / comfort items help through this period. Scent of fresh laundry and random smells will trigger my nausea. Every little chore felt like a tremendous effort. For someone who loves getting things done I knew I couldn’t be myself in that moment. And I let it be and be okay with it.

And things did get better at the second trimester.

L-R : Week 5 / Week 6 / Week 10 / Week 12

I wanted to keep a journal of my entire pregnancy but I was just too exhausted especially in the first trimester to jot down what I was going through. Jean Wang from Extra Petite’s husband, Nick (@thedadview) kept a journal of his wife’s pregnancy and I would always laugh reading them. I casually mentioned it to Ming Han and later did I know, he kept a journal of my entire pregnancy! I would laugh reading them from his perspective and was so glad he did. Here are his words.

Week 1-5
We had absolutely no idea anything was going on tbh. No food baby bump, no mood swings (none to begin with anyway), nothing! Puking! Pretty much two days of it came out of nowhere. Thought it might be stomach flu but her gut told her it might be something else. One pregnancy test later – we got a baby brewing!

Week 6-10
She’s pretty much had the energy levels of a sloth. Puking rounds range from 3 times a day to 8/9 times a day. I’ve gotten used to the sounds of throwing up unbelievably well. My fruit cutting skills have reached new levels. Cravings change weekly and smell-sensitivity changes insanely too. Achievements: She’s gotten comfortable burping and farting around me. Only missed reaching the toilet for puking twice. So that’s two times she’s puked in her hands.

Week 11-12
Energy is coming back. She’s slowly starting to resemble the girl I once knew. Just with a lot more gas. Farting is a norm now. The lady knows no more shame. Also, hand and leg massages are the ultimate signs of love for her now.

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